. Why use Moody Mobile Billboard advertising? The cost per thousand impressions is less than most other advertising media. This fact makes it profitable and cost effective for your business to transform potential consumers into customers.

A study by The Transportation Council of America found that mobile billboards have an impressive 97% recall rate and rotating boards grab more attention, expand impressions and dramatically increase retention.

Rotating Tri-Vision mobile billboards with 360° visibility. Three ad faces available on each of the four boards. Advertise using one ad face or advertise a group of products and services using two or more. 

Consumers have information overload and are exposed to 2,904 marketing messages per day.

People respond and remember Moody Mobile Billboard advertising. WHY?  When we come across something unexpected, our brains snap us out of our routine. A Moody Mobile Billboard is unexpected, uncommon and unique, with the wow factor so people stop and stare. If you see a Lamborghini in the street you remember where and when. Do you remember a Honda?

We drive your message using eye-catching, quick change, rotating tri-vision boards. Three ad faces on each of the four sides. The eight second rotation time and the number of ad faces showing, for each independent board, can be changed. Advertise using one ad face or advertise a group of products and services using two or more.

We do not "Just Drive Around“. Results are achieved by spending time in each high traffic intersection looking for opportunities to increase visibility and recall before moving on to the next crossing. We reach consumers where they work, shop and play. Your message will go far beyond the physical confines of any one geographic area or static billboard.

James Moody
Email: moodymobilemedia@carolina.rr.com